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3D Modeling: Robot in the Ruins


For our first assignment, we had to build a robot and an environment for the it to inhabit.


The robot had to use exactly 1000 polygons. I chose to create a kind of transport robot with a cute appearance. I used an elongated egg shape, and gave it two propellers to maneuver. The robot is shown at an angle to suggest movement. The propellers were fun to construct, especially with the primitives, since you have to think of clever ways to build what want from just a few shapes. With two shapes and a few filters, I arrived at a convincing version of propeller blades.


For the environment, we had a budget of 10,000 polygons. I thought it would be fun to create a water / island environment. However, even a poor simulation of water quickly eats up a lot of polygons!

My thoughts here were that several of the robots might be used to transport various items between the islands as needed.

3D Modeling and Rendering 1

I’ve started taking classes at ACC to learn some visual design skills and generally extend my knowledge of how games and other media are built.

The first one is this 3D modeling class, and I’ll be maintaining a portfolio of my work as this class goes on. I’m excited to see what I can come up with! Undoubtedly my work won’t win too many awards, but hopefully I can pick up the principles and develop them further over time.

I think this will also give me a better understanding of the thought process that design and creative teams go through at the various places I’ve worked now and in the past.

Anyway, should be fun! :D

Exciting new blog thing

…to replace what exactly? My LiveJournal from college…? I’ve never been great at maintaining any kind of journal / blog / whatever, but Octopress just looks like so much fun, so I had to give it a shot. Tonight I finally ripped the default theme up a bit to create a more minimalist look, which I think turned out quite well.

I’m hoping to start talking about all the crazy tech projects I’ve got brewing in my mind that I’ll one day sit down and make progress on, along with a few bits of life, work, and everything else mixed in.

Even writing this tiny thing is more than I’ve done in ages. Any guesses how long until the next one?