I’m excited to start to focusing what time I do have on the side towards open source projects. I’m always on the lookout for good projects to help out with, but these days I always seem to come back to web browsers.

In particular, I really enjoy working on tools that improve the lives of other every day. In that vein, I’d like to focus on improvements to the developer tools in browsers today, though they are vastly better today than even a few years ago.

The main open source options as far as web browsers go are Chrome / Chromium and the various Mozilla projects, like Firefox. Near the end of 2011, I started ramping up on the Chromium project, mainly because Chrome is the main browser I used then.

However, now that Opera has decided to switch to Chromium for future versions of their browser, I’ve been reminded that Mozilla is the only party in the web development game that truly seems to be doing their best to fight for the user. The main reason I stopped using Firefox was due to Chrome’s impressive developer tools, so I’d like to help improve Firefox tools to bring them up to the level we’ve now come to expect and beyond.

Likely I’ll dabble in both Chromium and Firefox, but no matter what it should be an exciting time ahead!