For this assignment, we learned how to apply materials to the objects we’ve been creating. There are many, many different ways to construct a material that you apply to 3D object. They can be procedurally generated, they can pull from textures (or maps) you create, and you can manually tune many parameters as well.

Maps are a great way to control the appearance of an object because you can make something resemble a real object quite quickly by just taking a picture and doing a bit of editing.


For the environment, I used a variety of wood textures as maps to give the huts a rustic feel. The door particularly look much more believable now. Also, the islands look much less like strange brains now there’s a grassy appearance applied, instead of just the flat green.


For the robot, I gave him a weathered, rusty metal appearance that seems to tie in well with his supportive / charming look. Old, but still functioning just fine.

The eyes and mouth have a bit of an ethereal / floating feel to them thanks to the transparency.

It was fun to experiment with the various parameters and material types that can give a metallic appearance.