For this assignment, we learned a few new techniques, namely how to make use of 2D shapes to give more detail to our models. Beyond simple shapes like circles and squares is the very flexible spline, which gives you a lot of control over how a line is drawn, while still be purely analytical.

Shapes and Splines

For part of the homework, we added some shapes and splines to our existing models. Below you can see the island huts from before, but with a few additional decorations, such as some scary wiring / branches, as well as door knobs and roof ornaments.

Lathe and Loft

We also learned how to take 2D paths and morph them into 3D shapes in several interesting ways. You can use lathe to revolve the path around an axis, similar to a torus.

I used this technique to create a pot, an inflatable pool, and a spyglass.

We also learned about loft, which will take a shape and replicate it in 3D across whatever path you define. This is another very powerful feature, with many ways you can customize and tune its behavior.

I made several tracks and other shapes using this process: