For this week’s assignment, we jumped out of the normal curriculum and went straight to using a game engine with our models from last time. We added a few common elements, like terrain and fog.


Unity is a lot of fun to work with! It’s quite easy to assemble something pretty cool, and yet it is also has a lot of depth to allow you to refine details. I can definitely see myself working with this down the road, especially given the wide multi-platform support.

Game Level

For the level itself, I modified the environment to remove the static water I made before and surround the island with mountainous terrain. Then I added the animated water to get back to the original environment idea.

From there, I added some basic lighting and fog to match the skybox I chose. It was actually a bit tricky to map a collider to the island huts. For now I used spheres, but perhaps I’ll need to flatten those into a single mesh for Unity to represent them accurately.

There’s definitely room for improvement along many aspects, but it’s really exciting to see something playable come together so quickly.