J. Ryan Stinnett

A Convolution of Software and Electronics


This is a snapshot of what’s on my mind right now.


Modern computing is far too rigid. Applications can only function in preset ways determined by some far away team. I am currently exploring how to make programs more malleable and computing more humane so that anyone can reshape, extend, compose, and share new functionality in ways that were never anticipated or planned for. I hope to restore some of the magic that mainstream computing has forgotten and give people more power to create the computing environment that works for them.

I am planning to add a specific project page about this once I’ve explored existing research in this space and developed my own thoughts further. Here’s some of the related work I am examining:


I recently attended the Curry On 2019 conference which was a wonderful experience, and I think it’s my new favourite conference! If you are interested in the latest developments at the intersection of programming language research and challenges from industry, I would highly recommend attending in the future.


I recently moved to London, UK in February 2019. This is the first time I have lived in a different country. My partner and I are having a great time exploring all the different areas of London and traveling to other European cities that are now quite easy to get to.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers.

Last updated 2019-08-18